What is a biophilic-designed environment?

The term biophilia indicates love for life. Therefore, biophilic interior design has the purpose of helping humankind reconnect with living beings and, generally speaking, with nature.

In biophilic design, natural elements that can help people relax by engaging all five senses are introduced into work and non-work environments.

For example, the sound of water flowing or the smell of officinal plants can improve the physical and mental well-being of those living or working in a particular space.

How to realize a biophilic-designed environment

Biophilic design takes its inspiration from natural spaces and processes, which are skillfully recreated inside commercial and civil environments. One of the most immediate and fastest things to do to obtain a biophilic-designed environment is to place many plants on the points in the room with good natural lighting.

In case you do not want to take up too much room with plants at the expense of people’s comfort, it is possible to opt for a vertical farming system, which is also equipped with an automatic irrigation system that reduces management time to a minimum and provides the plants with their needs at all times. By choosing a vertical system, you can also grow more plants, including flowers and medicinal plants.

What kind of plants should I choose?

Healthy plants play a key role in cleaning the air. Among the most popular ones, there are:

  • Golden pothos: it grows easily and fast if it is taken good care of
  • Sansevieria: it is perfect for absorbing the formaldehyde contained in many common cleaning products
  • Ficus: it needs abundant watering and does not withstand too much cold, so it is possible to grow it exclusively in spaces with these specific characteristics
  • Chlorophytum: also called spider plant, grows strong and very fast without requiring too much attention. It is perfect to purify a large quantity of air in smaller spaces and in a short amount of time.

With a larger space at your disposal, you can insert other natural elements, such as bodies of water and rocks. Moreover, you can choose between a wider range of plants, comprising the world of biolakes, rich in sound, colors, and material forms.

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