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Hydroponic Cloud – Andreco – Le Serre




vertical farming

400 m2

Non-woven fabric and EPDM cloth
Water and marsh plants
Farming system

Design and creation


nuvola idroponica
nuvola idroponica
nuvola idroponica
nuvola idroponica

The “Hydroponic Cloud” is the product of research that involves art, science, nature, and technology. It was designed and realized by the artist Andreco with the support of a company called Kilowatt.

This cloud overhangs a biolake surrounded by many different water plants, fish, and lagoon microorganisms. The biolake has been set up below the cloud to reflect the peculiar geometry of both the cloud and the glasshouse, which, along with the water, contributes to generating a beautiful play of lights.

Water connects the sky and the ground: a pump positioned inside the lake on the opposite side to the entrance of the glasshouse draws water and takes it into the Hydroponic cloud to two different points. The first point serves to ensure that the roots of the plants receive the correct amount of water. The second point has an increased range and recreates a waterfall that welcomes visitors at the entrance while refreshing the surrounding environment and eventually flows back into the biolake.