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Difference between aquaponics and hydroponics

While hydroponic farming requires water-soluble fertilizers that add nutrients to the water, plants are fed through properly treated fish’ feces in aquaponics.

Difference between hydroponics and bioponics

Bioponics uses organic substances such as worm humus and bird manure to add nutrients to water.

Are the vegetables flavorful?

The vegetables taste delicious: the proof of the pudding is in the eating! Thanks to the thorough attention given to managing the water values, you can grow beautifully smelling vegetables with a great flavor.

What about mosquitos?

Mosquitos are easily eaten in all bodies of water inhabited by fish, and tanks are proper natural traps for them. Otherwise, it is essential to equip yourself with nets or find other solutions against them.

How much does a farming system cost?

The cost varies according to the size and technical specifications. If you are a novice and want to learn, watch our YouTube videos and start your first productive farming system with just a few hundred euros.

Can I build a farming system by myself?

Absolutely! If you want to test yourself, watch our tutorials and read our e-book so that you can create your domestic farming system.

What fish can I breed?

You can breed many different species, both freshwater and saltwater. However, not all of them are suggested to those taking their first steps into aquaponics. An aquaculture system used for nutritional purposes is a full-fledged farm, so there are permits and other measures to take into account.

What are decoupled aquaponic systems?

This definition includes systems where the aquaculture and the hydroponic units can be connected or disconnected at will, depending on the current needs. By doing so, it is possible to enhance the production of both systems and simplify management.

What plants can I grow?

There are so many species to choose from! You just need to pick the right growing method (vertical, horizontal, with or without substratum).

What fertilizers should I use?

We usually suggest our mix of water-soluble salts specific to hydroponics. They are extremely efficient and come with everything your plants need.

What fertilizers should I use?

Compost tea, worm humus, and bird manure are the best options for bionic systems. However, the dosage is never constant because the amount of organic starting substance varies from one batch to another.
Biolakes and biopools

Are there going to be mosquitoes?

You can insert a few fish within the bathing area to prevent mosquitoes from forming. We suggest medaka: they are so colorful and will not disturb your moments of relaxation. Lastly, the biodiversity of plants around the lake attracts many dragonflies, which are great allies against mosquitoes.

Are the plants going to die in winter?

Your natural body of water follows the seasonality, and according to the plants you will choose, some could dry out during winter but bloom again when spring comes.
Farming in shipping containers

Is there only one size available?

We design and develop containers suitable for farming of any size needed.

Can I use solar panels as a power supply?

Yes, our systems can come with already installed plug-and-play solar panels, which can also be equipped with storage systems.

Do I require a permit to position a container?

Installing a container requires a permit in case of stable use. Without doing so, it will be considered a mobile and removable facility.

Can I start a vegetable garden on my balcony or terrace?

Absolutely! With vertical farming, you can grow many plants in a reduced space very easily! You will just need to replant and harvest.

Can I use PVC?

Avoid using it in cases where it needs to come into direct contact with vegetables or roots. Do not expose it to direct sunlight to prevent the PVC from deteriorating quickly.