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montvert acquaponica

The Montvert Team, consisting of Stefania, Edi, and Michele, managed to turn a vision into reality by creating a 660 square meters glasshouse, a proper shrine for enthusiasts, equipped with four identical cultivation modules, using both the dwc and growbed technologies.

We first met the Montvert team in 2019, and our collaboration has been nothing but fruitful ever since, both on the front of research, by carrying out tests to compare aquaponic with hydroponic culture, and on the front of the creation of a customized biofilter, specifically designed to enhance their system’s efficiency.

Montvert does not only deal with farming. They also run a family-owned restaurant, where their freshly grown and genuine products of aquaponic culture become the protagonists of their dishes. Not only do they serve fresh and high-quality products to their customers, but they are also many restaurant owners’ and chefs’ trusted suppliers in the Udine area.

We have already hosted three advanced training courses in aquaponic farming inside their glasshouse. We are not talking about a basic theoretical course. Thanks to the notable size of the glasshouse, participants had the chance to observe a functioning aquaponic system and interact directly with it. This course is a tangible means to understand how theory works practically and learn the most advanced techniques in aquaponic culture


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