Manlio Rossi Doria Institute – Avellino 



biolakes and biopools


vertical farming

500 square meters hydroponic and aquaponic garden

Complete kit

Design and creation


Here at the Manlio Rossi Doria Institute in the city of Avellino, we have realized a 40-meter-long hydroponic wall that fits within the urban environment and does not compromise the city’s green spaces.  

Plants start growing inside peat, which functions as the basis for their development. Differently from conventional farming methods, hydroponics is based on the use of a controlled solution filled with mineral nutrients, which comes from an underground recirculation tank with a capacity of 1,300 liters.  

 To guarantee the system efficiency, we have given detailed attention to the electrical conductivity and pH of the nutrient solution. These two parameters are continuously monitored and regulated to ensure that plants have the ideal conditions for growing. 

Our hydroponic system can hold up to 800 plants in an area of 6 square meters and is an example of efficient and sustainable use of urban space.  

In the end, we realized tuff gardens, an aquaponic table, and a biolake. 

The construction video