Le serre dei giardini Kilowatt




vertical farming

400 m2

Minibraga DWT
Specific feed
Pumps and accessories

Design and creation


tavolo acquaponico
acquaponica bologna
serre kilowatt bologna

The project did not exclusively have the intention of starting the production of vegetables to use in the dishes of the restaurant. The main purpose of the project was to start an awareness campaign on these new soilless cultivation methods, which will soon have a new key role in the food and environmental sustainability of the city.

This is why we have decided to involve Serre’s visitors in creating the aquaponic table, which, if respected, will become a space for socializing, spreading civic education, and new possibilities.

The biggest challenges of the project were to realize the system while allowing people to enter into contact with it, understand its functioning, and spark into them interest in taking care of it.


The elements composing the system

The lake

It represents the main area of the system, where more than 200 fish, including goldfish, koi carp, mosquitofish, and medakas, live within a 10-cubic-meter space. This body of water was set up in a way that reminds of a natural lake, and this was done by adding aquatic plants of various kinds: floating, submerged, and marsh, which allows fish to live healthily both in winter and summer.

The aquaponic table

This table stands out the most within the system, making it unique in Italy. It is composed of 12 mini ponds of different sizes that are all connected thanks to the principle of communicating vessels. This table allows visitors of the Serre to relax or study among marsh plants, colorful water lilies, and irises while catching a glimpse of goldfish and medakas swimming around here and there.

Vertical Towers

Our system comprises 21 towers with a height of three meters each and 11 slots for each tower, amounting to 231 cultivable plants using vertical farming methods. We have done this by using a surface of only 4 square meters.

If you are walking around the Giardini Margherita in Bologna, you are welcome to visit our vertical farming system and tell us your thoughts! If you cannot resist and want to find out more about it now, here is our video!