vertical farming

160 cultivation slots

Garden DWT kit
Water-soluble salts
Dutch buckets

Material supply and building


In the heart of the province of Parma, Emilia-Romagna region, we had the opportunity to work with Giulia, a proactive woman who owns a farm of dairy cows for producing the famous “Parmigiano Reggiano” along with her husband.

Giulia wanted to enhance to the fullest a small portion of concrete flooring next to the canopy under which machinery was stored. Instead of leaving it unused, they employed it to create their soilless garden.

We have thus proposed to them a creative and customizable solution: a 1,80-meter-high kit for outdoor vertical hydroponic cultivation, which was fully realized using inox steel. This installation has turned an unused corner of the farm into a vertical garden, making Giulia self-sufficient in producing different kinds of vegetables.

Thanks to this hydroponic system and the training she has received, Giulia is now able to grow more than 160 plants among lettuces, basil, and strawberries in less than 2 square meters. We have not stopped here yet.

We have also provided them with the innovative Autopot system, a soilless cultivation system that functions without electricity, which is available in our store. Thanks to a specific patented valve that brings water to plants when they need it through gravity, the system offers a further sustainable and efficient solution in cultivation. Giulia uses the system to grow mainly tomatoes and zucchini.


This project testifies how innovation, sustainability, and one’s business vision can go step by step, transforming each challenge into an opportunity and creating a greener and more productive future.