Bartolomeo Scappi Institute – Castel S. Pietro 



vertical farming

200 cultivation slots

Complete kit

Design and construction


Here at the Bartolomeo Scappi Institute, we have installed two robust inox steel frames, which have been tailor-made to hold a vertical farming system. These frames, combined with a high-performance lighting system specifically designed for farming, make the ideal environment for plants to grow, ensuring they have the perfect balance of light, nutrients, and air.  

Thanks to this system, the Bartolomeo Scappi Institute can grow more than 200 plants in a space less than 3 square meters wide, allowing the school to make a notable qualitative and quantitative leap that paves the way to new opportunities for experimentation and learning.

This project is innovative for farming and the catering industry, marking an important step for future experts in the field. Students now have the chance to learn how to use and manage a vertical hydroponic system, gaining important skills that are applicable to new farming techniques and a more innovative and environmentally friendly catering industry.