Hospitality training institute Aldo Moro in Trani, Apulia 





vertical farming

150 square meters (aquaponics)
10 square meters (hydroponics)

Complete kit

Design and creation


At the Aldo Moro Hospitality Training Institute in Trani, we have set up an aquaponic and two hydroponic systems.  

The aquaponic system is equipped with two cultivation methods: the first is the grow bed system, filled with expanded clay and a cultivable area of 12 square meters designed for fruit plants. 

The second is composed of vertical towers realized using Minibraga DWT 2.0, a patented technology that allows the vertical production of more than 800 leafy plants or small fruits in a space 13 square meters wide.  

The system also comprises a 7,000 liter tank hosting goldfish. The school would like to introduce more species for alimentary purposes in the future, like the mullet. 


The filtration system is made of a professional drum filter, whose wastage is channeled through the mineralizer for subsequent use, and a biological filter with a capacity of 1,200 liters that includes professional bio carriers.

The biological filter discharges into a collection tank located directly beneath the grow bed, where the system’s recirculation pumps are situated. 

The two hydroponic systems are inside another glasshouse equally use the grow-bed technology as a cultivation method. Each system has a surface of 6 square meters that holds a collection tank in the lower part. Two tables along the longer sides are used for working, studying, or during school classes. 

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