State school IC Crevalcore 



vertical farming

100 cultivation slots

2 DWT kits – hydroponic gardens – customized tables and seats

Design and creation


Here at the IC Crevalcore State School, we had the chance to implement a project for a soilless farming system. We have installed two kits for vertical indoor hydroponic farming equipped with specific lighting for plants.  

With great attention to detail, we have made sure that each aspect was honed to perfection. The project includedequipment setup and customized design to guarantee that the systems would fit perfectly within the dedicated spaces inside the institute.  

However, we did not simply create a customized hydroponic system. In addition to that, training of the school staff and students was crucial for the project to succeed. We have delivered in-depth training on the management of farming systems, ensuring that students and teachers are equipped with the required skills to obtain the most from them. 

We have set up the so-called “wicking beds” outside. They are elevated vegetable gardens equipped with a water supply. They were realized to promote sustainable farming and provide students with a tactile learning experience.  

This project is a real gem in agricultural education as it offers the opportunity to experiment with plant cultivation in a controlled environment and learn state-of-the-art hydroponic techniques. Not only do students gain valuable knowledge but also awareness of the importance of sustainable farming in a rapidly changing world.