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400 m2

Minibraga DWT
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simbiosi acquaponica


Production of edible flowers, aromatic plants, microgreens, and koi carp farm

We are located in Rosignano Solvay, Toscana region. Here, Michele and Giada realized their dream of starting an aquaponic farming business. They are a perfect example of people who put determination and effort into the field of aquaponics. After participating in our advanced training course, they assimilated key information essential to carry on their vision. This experience has fostered their interest and led them to build an aquaponic system suited to their needs.

They designed and realized their glasshouse, a wonderful space of 400 square meters, autonomously thanks to the skills they built during the course, which shows their initiative. The system comprises two distinct modules of aquaponic cultivation. One module functions with growbeds. The other is composed of 2000 pieces of our product, minibraghe dwt 2.0. 

The example of Michele and Giada has led us to cooperate and share knowledge, and that’s why we hold our advanced training course in aquaponics at their glasshouse. This practical setting allows participants to see with their eyes an actively functioning aquaponic system suited for large-scale production.

Their story offers a unique and precious perspective, demonstrating how to apply the techniques learned during the course to realize efficient and productive cultivation systems.

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