Science high school Volterra – Sassoferrato (MC)



vertical farming

170 cultivation slots

DWT vertical indoor garden kit
Nido pro

Design and creation


We enthusiastically set up two of our innovative kits in a high school in the town of Sassoferrato in the Marche region.This project is not exclusively related to the cultivation of plants, but it also aims at educating future generations in using sustainable cultivation methods. 

The kit used for the 3-meter-high hydroponic wall is a state-of-the-art and efficient solution for growing plants in confined spaces. We show you how it is possible to optimize your space and maximize the yield of your cultures by distributing 85 plants into five towers. Moreover, we have decided to make the system more technologically innovative by introducing a fertigator that can be controlled using an app, making the plant nutrition process automatic and easier.  

The 3-meter-high vertical tower, which can hold up to 75 plants, has a pleasant design and has LED lights incorporated that provide uniform lighting, allowing the plants to grow healthy. This kit is proof of how it is possible to combine functionality and a captivating design while being more sustainable in cultivation.  

The project not only gives students the chance to learn the techniques to promote a more environmentally friendly form of cultivation but also to cherish them to protect the future of our planet. Educating younger generations on more sustainable practices is fundamental to promoting a transition towards eco-friendlier agriculture and reducing its environmental impact. 

We believe that the plants we have just sown will thrive and students can take inspiration from this experience, so that they will become pioneers and make our future more sustainable.