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sanpatech acquaponica
sanpatech acquaponica

After following our basic and advanced training courses, Matteo and Andrea started developing their first cultivation model, including a control unit for sensors and automation (watch the video). They also realized their first wall of vertical farming using DWT.

A few months later, they designed a modular aquaponic business that would grow as the various systems developed and started functioning.

The first step was to realize a 300-square-meter glasshouse to be used for hydroponic cultivation. Currently, the team is working ceaselessly to complete the glasshouse for aquaculture, composed of two identical modules with a capacity of 16,000 liters.

We are closely collaborating with Sanpatech to create this revolutionary project for a highly technological decoupled aquaponic system. Specifically designed to manage the entire production process, from sowing to selling, this system has set a new standard in the field. Its advanced control system gives the possibility to monitor and optimize production continuously, which will guarantee great results.

However, technology on its own isn’t enough. Our philosophy is based on finding a balance between innovation and sustainability. We believe aquaponics represents the future for farming as it combines the growth of plants and fish in an integrated system that saves resources while reducing environmental impact.

To sum up, we’re modeling the future of farming using advanced technologies while adopting a sustainable approach. The collaboration with Sanpatech represents a huge step towards this goal, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results brought by this new project of ours.

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