Ornamental lake “Carmen”




vertical farming

20 square meters ornamental lake

water pump, Sera tester, carbonates and bicarbonates

Fornitura materiale e costruzione


We have realized a customized tuff lake in the garden of Ms. Carmen while blending it with the surroundings, creating a harmoniously looking space.


A unique element characterizing this lake is the phytodepuration area, which uses plants and aquatic microorganisms to purify water naturally in a dedicated area. Not only does this system guarantee an excellent quality of water. It also makes the water always appear crystal clear, which contributes to creating a fascinating and relaxing environment.


The lake is inhabited by various kinds of colorful fish, including goldfish and Japanese rice fish, which add a touch of vitality and movement. These species have not been exclusively selected for their beauty but also for their contribution to balancing the ecosystem of the lake.

By combining an eco-friendly design with sustainable innovation, the lake we created for Carmen is a fascinating miniature ecosystem that adds incredible beauty to her garden, which also functions as a habitat for animals and a place for relaxing and contemplating. This project highlights our effort to create customized solutions that improve the interactions between humans and the environment. We have shown it is possible to make every space a place where nature and innovation coexist harmoniously.