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Langaponica – Innovative farming business




vertical farming

500 m2

Minibraga DWT
Specific feed

Design, creation
and assistance.
Training course


langaponica acquaponica
langaponica acquaponica
langaponica acquaponica
acquaponica langaponica

During our advanced training course, we’ve also had the pleasure of welcoming the Langaponica team. These young and dynamic entrepreneurs participated in our course to meet their goal of creating a new and revolutionary farming business. They trusted our expertise and asked us for advice to design and realize their innovative aquaponic system.

They decided to install 10,000 of our minibraghe dwt 2.0, a state-of-the-art product that is the heart of our aquaponic system. Their decision has allowed them to optimize the space available and host the entire system in only 100 square meters.

We’re proud to be part of this exciting experience and looking forward to witnessing the launch of the system, scheduled for the first months of 2024. This project is a testimony to the power of training, collaboration, and innovation, and we’re thrilled to see how Langaponica will use our technology to find its spot in the restaurant industry.

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